Manufacturing Capacity

Xiamen Intretech Inc, formerly known as Wanlida (Group) WBU, founded in 2004, has focused on production and design of electronic products. After years of efforts, Intretech has accumulated a wealth of experience on product manufacturing and design, which covering many areas, such as” Home-entertainment control devices (remote control), human-machine interface control equipment, computer automated storage devices, automotive electronics and other entertainment, consumer electronics products. Moreover Intretech has independent manufacturing workshop, and international advanced SMT dust-free workshop. Intretech has established very close relationship with brother companies of Wanlida Group, including injection factory, hardware factory, battery factory, mold factory etc. So that we can complete the production task timely and effectively.

A standard mode is used to set up production line management processes. At present, Intretech has 13 assembly lines with systematic management, 4 Panasonic SMT line, has introduced POP manufacturing technique, total production capacity reaches 3.9 million CPH; defect rate < 35PPM; minimum CHIP components 0201, IC 0.4pitch; accuracy at ± 0.07mm; online/offline AOI and end-process pass rate > 99.8%. Our team keeps on expanding all the time, now the company has 650 employees . The improvement of staff’s capacity enhances sustainability of production line systematic construction, product quality and also reduces manufacturing costs. Staff actively participated in various skills competitions and achieved excellent results, win honor for themselves, then bring skills into the work and help other colleagues to improve individual efficiency, as well as enterprise’s efficiency.

We are committed to systematic software construction for production line, and has already owned several self-developed software system: TDE test system provides an auto platform of test data for product features and electrical performance, quality dept. can use these test data for analyze and statistic to control product quality by SPC. A UMS (Unite Manufacturing System) management system is a real-time production data collection system, easy to monitor production status and track product quality including product material bar code management. Fool-Proof System for loading material loading to avoid mistake effectively (current accuracy rate 100%). Resource management, cooperate with famous service providers ”Gold company” and establish the ERP system to optimize allocation of resources. For product life cycle management, we have implemented PLCM system, and begun construction of PLM software in 2010.

With the help of advanced equipment for product test, we control product quality strictly and successfully. With advanced ROHS inspection machine and a complete process for ROHS testing program, which we have greatly improved the detection efficiency; combine material inspection and operating processes of shipment by the ERP system, materials inspection rate reach 100%.

Customer first、quality first

System management、Pursue excellence

Emphasize prevention、Green production

Honest administration、Profit-profit cooperation